Unifab give the floor to consumers!

Everyone is a consumer... To become through this survey especially made for you. Answering at those questions you will become a major actor in the fight against counterfeiting. It your turn! QUESTIONS    PARTICIPATE  

The customs dismantles an organized traffic of imitations in the region of Marseille

Congratulations to the SNDJ FOR ITS IMPLICATION IN The FIGHT ANTI-counterfeiting WHICH ALLOWED THE DÉMENTELLEMENT OF COUNTERFEITERS' NETWORK MARSEILLE! Congratulate the operational agents of the SNDJ of Marseille on the dismantling of a traffic of imitations in the region of Marseille! About 100.000 infringing articles essentially consisted of labels and badges as...

Counterfeiting & terrorism

THE UNIFAB SUBMITS ITS REPORT TO SECRETARY MICHEL SAPIN The Union des fabricants is glad to publish officially, after a delivery to the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts Michel Sapin, its report on the narrow links which exist between the counterfeiting and the Terrorism! Read the anti-terrorism report 2016      ...

Activity report 2015

The object of September 2016

  The Museum of counterfeiting livened up by the Union des Fabricants makes its comeback by dedicating its shop window of the Object of September in legendary foldable signed pocketknife Opinel®. This object, today iconic, which joined the French dictionary in his edition of 1989 to become synonymic of the object which it...

Press release Alibaba

This is the press release sent  to the media further to the statement by the president of Alibaba concerning the fakes products The CNAC, via senator Yung, the Indicam and the Andema, the Italian and Spanish associations, joined us to condemn the lying words of Jack Ma. Press Release   DOWNLOAD

Is a fake product a real bargain?

Come to discover that it hides behind your screen … Infography  DOWNLOAD