In October, the Museum of the COUNTERFEITING chose to present several false drawings of the painter Ivan Klioune.

Since the sharp increase of the market prices of the art, the number of counterfeit paintings multiplied, generating an illegal billion euro business every year. The market of the Russian art, which knows a strong growth for the last twenty years, is particularly affected. The cutting edge paintings are the most appreciated and we consider today that there is more forgery than the truths there.

The counterfeiters do not miss imagination when it is a question of creating new paintings, so-called of time. For example, for the works on paper, they cut sheets randomly then dye them in a artificial way. In this way, the paper seems old-looking naturally and thus countered more authentic. The development of pushed scientific methods such as the examination under optical microscopy or the analysis under ultraviolet fluorescence allowed to spot with more precision this type of trickeries. In the case of Ivan Klioune’s constructivist drawings, the analysis in the microscope demonstrated that papers had been cut in scissors and edges tanned with some tea …