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All victims of counterfeiting!

We are all affected by counterfeiting and we can all be confronted with it, sometimes even without knowing it. Indeed, 37% of us have already bought a counterfeit online thinking that it was an authentic product. Checking the security and authenticity of the website avoids falling into the trap of counterfeiters.


  We must avoid unnecessary risks for our health and safety.

Fake products are not only illegal, they can also be dangerous and cause many domestic accidents, because of the poor quality of the materials used for their manufacture, which do not correspond to existing standards, dedicated to our safety. Besides working illegally, counterfeiters do not respect wages and working conditions, which are, most of the time, obscure. Buying an authentic product helps us protect ourselves and avoid incidents.


Innovation and creation are the driving force of the economy of a nation, we must protect them.

Counterfeiting is an obstacle for the development of companies who see their names, their patents, their creations or even their brand image, being stolen by counterfeiters who do not hesitate to trick and take advantage of us. When facing these attacks, they have to allocate a bigger budget to this fight which can put at risk their business. Buying authentic helps support the know-how of companies as well as their development.


We must protect the environment by turning down counterfeiting.

Counterfeiters are not concerned about the planet or its preservation. Without considering sustainable development or ecological issues, their illegal activity is a real danger for the environment. Buying authentic helps support companies who respect environmental standards and take into account Corporate Social Responsibility.


Buying a counterfeit means taking the risk of having our identity and personal data stolen.

Since the majority of fake products are sold on fraudulent websites, it unfortunately becomes easy for counterfeiters to steal consumers’ personal data, such as one’s identity, address, bank details … It is important to check several elements to make sure that the website is reliable. The general terms and conditions, correct spelling, delivery information and the identity of the seller are very good indicators. When shopping online, it’s better to buy from the brands’ official websites, or those of authorized resellers.


When we say no to counterfeiting, we protect the economy and the employment in France.

Each year, counterfeiting represents nearly 7 billion euros of loss for France, which means less public funding for schools, hospitals, etc. It also results in the loss of more than 38,000 jobs and represents about 10% turnover lost for companies. No sector is spared and some SMEs are forced to close because of the strong presence of fake products on the market.


Selling and even buying counterfeits is highly punishable by law.

When a consumer purchases one or more fakes, he not only runs the risk of seeing his product(s) being seized, but also of being sanctioned by a fine, of twice the amount of the authentic product. When selling fakes, counterfeiters risk a fine of up to 750,000 euros and up to 7 years in prison.


Checking the legality of the contents we consume on the internet helps prevent piracy.

When illegally downloading movies, music, books or even images, the consumer harms the creators of these contents who are directly impacted. Indeed, each cultural production belongs to its creator and it is illegal to acquire these goods without any authorization. In order to defend this right, it is essential to use legal music and / or film broadcasting platforms.